I Am Very Lucky

My dreams have always been about living an independent, creative life. And I have had the good fortune for the past thirty nine years to create paintings and prints and sell them directly to the people who fall in love with them as they stroll the Pike Place Market.

It amazes me the way our lives are shaped by choices we make when so young. In the winter of 1978 I decided to have a go at selling my line drawings at the world famous Pike Place Public Market. Except back then it was more like skid row. I would sometimes have to wake up some slower moving folks so I could set up for the day, and if I made fifty dollars on a Saturday I thought I was doing pretty good and would go off for coffee at the little espresso place my friend managed. Of course that was before it was Starbucks. My pal could’ve been a key manager/investor of the infant Starbucks but he didn’t like the changes being made in his old espresso store and quit instead. Like I said we all make choices…

The Best Thing

The best thing about being an artist is that it is part of my job to observe the world and the people in it. The connection I get to make when someone stops to look at my work just keeps me excited and growing and changing as an artist. I have the stories of a thousand people in my head and hundreds of folks come by, I never forget a face, to tell me how they have such and such a picture and how long they've had it and how they love it. The new faces, the young couples navigating their first shared home, the kids attracted to the color, encouraged to look and talk. The old friends, the meek, the bold, the wild and wily. They all pass by, like a human river.

All this influences my work. I am at a point in my career where I can just create landscapes and people from the stuff I have collected in my head over the years. I can create something out of nothing. Marc Chagall said, “Color is love.” I feel the thrill of it when someone looks at a new piece and says. “Tim, that is really great. I love it.” Sometimes they say, “You are too good for this place.” The Public Market. But I shrug it off. It is the best place I can think of. Come and see me at the Pike Place Market. I am there year round among the famous flying fish and beautiful flowers and artwork, making pictures and collecting stories. I'd love to see you.

- Tim Robinson